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Textile Laundering Technology . Charles Riggs

Textile Laundering Technology

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Textile Laundering Technology Charles Riggs

According to the latest issue of Performance Apparel Markets by Textiles Intelligence, Wilmslow, U.K., smart textiles and wearable technology are poised for rapid growth, if key issues with power sources and laundering can be resolved. Further, laundering practices are inconsistent and simply ineffective, as re-contamination occurs after laundered items are put into use.2. More people are looking The function remains intact even after 100 times laundering. Textiles made with X-STATIC® silver antimicrobial technology have been clinically-proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria directly on the surface of the fabric. X-STATIC®is the leader in antimicrobial fabric technology, and has been proven to extremes in the most demanding applications and environments. Forty percent of participants laundered their uniforms at home and just 58 percent reported changing the uniform every day. Furthermore, “the rate of contamination with resistant pathogens was higher in attire X-STATIC® antimicrobial technology provides a simple and cost-effective method for hospitals to deliver a proven bacterial management solution for soft surface textile materials. The article did a good job of summarizing the reason we are developing this fiber technology. Laundering clothes is time-consuming, adds to the logistics burden on the force, and is not always available to forward-deployed Soldiers, who may come into contact with mud, dirt, water, and an assortment of contaminants such as coatings for textile applications in 2007 based on earlier work on self-cleaning, but more importantly, it was based on Massachusetts Institute of Technology's recent breakthrough discovery about designing superoleophobic surfaces. This technology is unique, sustainable, and 100% natural. X-STATIC delivers quick, comprehensive and permanent protection with a continuous release of silver ions that lasts for the life of the product. There are a lot of EASY things we could all be doing to make a positive impact on the environment through home laundering if we really care. Innovasians is using this innovative textile fiber with this technology. The system is also backed by Proteus Solutions' deep knowledge of textiles and the laundry process to provide customers with a truly custom solution for their commercial laundry needs. Application Method Is An A third application method, according to Fruchart, is post-consumer, "an additive designed to be added to the laundering water each time the product is washed." Applied to the Fabric. €�The Proteus Activator Washing System A joint venture of Diversey, Inc., and Standard Textile, Proteus Solutions brings together the unparalleled knowledge and resources of two global leaders in cleaning and textile technologies. PurThread: Textile World's Quality Fabric of the Month We were honored by Textile World's coverage this month. Applied Technology, Applying Antimicrobials To Textiles, Technology Applied To The Fabric, Fiber, And Appalication Technology, There Are Many Options To Weigh When Considering Which Antimicrobial Is Best For A Particular Product.

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